Welcome to Retroid

1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet

Welcome To Retroid

Retroid ¬†is currently under construction. As such, there isn’t anything here to see! In the meantime check out The Daily Clipper, newly ported from Blogger for your enjoyment. If you are an admin or special guest, you can log in below.

What is Retroid, anyway? A college student listening to a new Twenty-One Pilots cassette on a vintage Walkman. A blogger drafting her posts with a fountain pen. A newly released game on an NES cartridge. A USB-enabled manual typewriter automatically backing up text digitally.

It is the collision of the old and the new in a constructive, sometimes innovative, way. Realizing that occasionally the newest and fastest way of doing things isn’t necessarily the best. That ‘obsolete’ technology and new technology can collaborate in a beneficial way.

Let’s harken back to timeless designs and single-purpose devices. Welcome to Retroid.

About Me

Hi, my name is Ian. The concept of Retroid came to me in the early summer of 2015 after collecting for several years. One common thread ran through various discussions with other collectors from many different fields and walks of life. That the old way was not only doable, but was practical and useful in some cases. In others, I noted that new tech applied to old tech made them both more versatile than either would be alone.


From this sprung Retroid, which to me is more than what I wrote above. As the site and The Daily Clipper grow, I hope my vision becomes more apparent.

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